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Danielle Egnew

Danielle Egnew
Music Highway Co-Host

You'll recognize Multi-Award Winning Artist Danielle Egnew's name from a number of entertainment genres. Boasting a highly successful Music Career as an Artist / Producer and now signed to Maurice The Fish Records, Danielle continues to front many musical projects including her own solo pursuits with The Whiskey Roadshow Band and of course, Pope Jane. Over the years, she's been a leading consultant on the rise of the independent music movement, penning articles for many music periodicals. Her expertise and success in the music industry has been featured in the Billboard Publishing Book, "I Don't Need a Record Deal" by Daylle Deanna Schwartz.

Danielle has acted, written, produced and directed both TV and Film, and is also one of the world's most respected

Psychic Channels and Speakers, anchoring her own thriving Private Metaphysical Practice in Los Angeles. More on Danielle's exhaustive career can be found on her website.

A native of Montana, Danielle is currently living in the outback of Los Angeles.

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